The app that watches over you when you need it the most

If you’ve ever called a friend or family member while walking alone through an alley just so “someone will know where you are”, this is the app for you.

Just saved my life!

Someone tried to take my phone and car keys and I told him my phone is on Watch Over Me mode and would track him and video him. He looked at me like I was crazy then I shook it and got a video of him and told him the police had it now and he ran away :) thank you guys! A country girl in a dangerous city!

Mzloveless, USA
This is a real treasure!

Really nice app, it works as described! ..this is a real rescue especially if you live in big city.

Gina Zela, Google Play Store
Simple idea. Powerful tool.

Have recommended this to my wife and sister in laws.

Premendran Pathmanathan, Play Store

Watch Over Me does 3 simple things

Sends out emergency alerts when you fail to check in safely

Let us know how long you want to be watched over for and we will track your location every minute during that duration. If we don’t hear from you when time is up, your loved ones get notified immediately with your location on a map, and a video-capture from your smartphone (Android only feature)

Shake your phone to trigger an emergency alert immediately

If you’re running short on time, all you have to do is launch the app then hold the phone in your hand, and shake it when something goes wrong. The app will sound an alarm, take a video of what’s going on, and send your location to your loved ones - all you got to do is shake it like a polaroid picture!

Watches over you when you need it the most

If you’re in New York, London, Leeds, Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, Watch Over Me will notify you when you’re about to enter an area flagged as "high-crime" so you can be extra alert and watched over when you need it the most! To bring Watch Over Me Alerts to your city, let us know.

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