Supercharge Watch Over Me with SMS alerts

Watch Over Me is free to use and we deliver your emergency alerts via push notifications - without any charge to you. This is great if your loved ones are completely plugged in, but what if they happen to be in an area with low connectivity?

Unlock SMS Alerts For The Price of A Coffee

If you're ever in trouble, we want to make sure you've got all bases covered by sending out emergency alerts regardless of your safety network's internet connection. This is why we're adding an SMS or text message feature to our emergency alerts, and we're calling it "Total Safety":

  • Let Watch Over Me send automatic SMS or text message alerts to your safety network when you need them the most. Even if they're offline.
  • You don't have to pay for these text messages, even if you happen to roaming overseas. It's on us.
  • If you're on a pre-paid account, don't worry about credit - we've got it covered.
  • We never cap your SMS alerts - send as many emergency alerts and Watch Over Me requests you want for the entire year!

So, instead of that Mocha Vanilla Blended Double Shot Latte Frappucino, get Watch Over Me’s unlimited SMS alerts for a small annual fee of
only $4.99.