Watch Over Me is a company that uses technology to help women all over the world feel safer

When Watch Over Me's cofounder Xin-Ci Chin, escaped a kidnap and rape attempt in 2012, she realized that what happened to her was not unique in any way. After all, crime affects women in every city. But existing safety measures are filled with "don'ts". "Don't go there alone at night", "Don't wear that", "Don't do that" - these 'cautionary' measures are restrictive, and not relevant in the 21st century. With technology, we hope to arm women with information and awareness so they can make better decisions about their safety.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

- Robin Williams

Watch Over Me's young and international team consists of technology, growth and design experts from Asia, Europe and the US. We are brought together by a singular mission: Using technology to help women lead freer and safer lives, and we'll do whatever it takes to get there.

Meet The Team

Xin-Ci Chin (Xinch)


After escaping a high-profile kidnap attempt in 2012, Xinch decided to work on fixing somsething she believed to be truly broken - women's safety. And thus, Watch Over Me was born. When she's not busy at work making sure the organization runs smoothly, Xinch is obsessed with growing her collection of analog cameras from the early 1900s and playing with her fat, furry dog, Shandy.

Jinny Wong


Jinny is a respected figure in the Malaysian development community, having organized meetups and events centered around iOS development in the country. With over a decade of development experience, Jinny is now the Technology Mastermind at Watch Over Me, overseeing the tech team, making sure our services and products run as smoothly as possible. Speaking of running, Jinny runs an average of 20km per week, usually at 5AM in the morning.

Alla Berdnikova


Born in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Odessa, her goal is to explore the world through the contents on her plate. In her very own words: "I love eating. Anything.". Prior to joining the team, she was the head of marketing for AIESEC Ukraine, taught soft skills to students in Sri Lanka, an internet marketer, and the founder of multiple projects about passion and talent discovery. At Watch Over Me, Alla makes sure that we keep growing :)

Edmund Hee


Edmund joined the team as an intern, and we liked him so much that we kept him. At the office, he's primarily responsible for making sure our entire SaferStreets feature works the way it needs to. When his head isn't buried in the world of correlations, logistic regressions and algorithms, Edmund's on the field with his high-intensity training group, running half-marathons, and waiting for the perfect husky to enter his life.

Abraham Krisnanda

Software Developer

He may be young, but Abraham has some pretty impressive awards under his belt. He's a fellow of the McKinsey & Co Young Leaders for Indonesia program in 2014, and was the secretary general for his student union at school. At Watch Over Me, he's part of the team that writes code for our Android app and data engine, and is enroute to becoming the resident Scrum Master. When not hard at work, he reads voraciously and cheers for the Indonesian national football team ;)

Edward S. Pasaribu

Software Developer

Don't let Edo's quiet personality fool you, this Doraemon-loving developer packs a crazy technical powerhouse within his skinny frame. He even graduated from school 'cum laude'! At Watch Over Me, Edo is primarily responsible for maintaining our trusty server, making sure nothing falls apart and everything scales just right. Want to know what to get him for his birthday? Edo is a collector of all things Doraemon!

Anasthasia Amelia

UI/UX Developer & Jr. iOS Developer

Our resident designer and developer is fondly known to everyone who knows her as Amel. When she's not developing & maintaining design wireframes, she's on movie marathons, playing her favorite video games like Assassin's Creed, or travelling to chill her minds. And she loves, loves pandas!

Raymond Lukanta

Mobile Developer

Raymond, our mobile developer, dabbles in both the iOS and Android Watch Over Me apps. When he's not reviewing the current systems, maintaining and writing lengthy lines of code, he sits back and relaxes with a glass of avocado juice (a huge, huge thing in his native Indonesia), and reflects on his life motto: Work harder, earn more, enjoy all.

Cynthia Wong

Paid Acquisition Master

Armed with her extensive experience as an online advertising and traffic specialist, Cynthia is primarily responsible for making sure every cent we spend on user acquisition actually makes sense. She's a yogi with a penchant for traveling (50 countries by the time she turned 25, say whuttttt?) and sea otters.

Sarah Lee

Content & Cooperations Manager

We have a habit for keeping interns we love, and Sarah is another special one. After a 10 week stint with Watch Over Me, Sarah is now back at school, but when she's not hitting the books, she manages Watch Over Me's online presence on social media, content creation and our entire blogger outreach program. And if that's not enough, our resident overachiever is also the President of her university's Leo Club, an avid reader, and aspiring polyglot!

James Khoo


When James’s sister got into an accident and could not be contacted for three days, there were already safety apps aplenty. Could they notify her loved ones? Unless she could pull her phone out and push a button while unconscious – nope. So he gathered all his resources and years of experience as a systems architect to build one.