Have the Peace of Mind That Your Daughter is Safe

Give your daughter the most talked about personal safety app “Watch Over Me” and receive immediate alerts when her safety is at risk.

What can you do to know your precious daughter is safe right now?

Your baby girl is all grown up now. She is an independent woman whom you are so proud of and love very much. That is why it terrifies you whenever the news report yet another woman who has fallen victim to robbery or violent crimes on the streets. You can't help but feel, “That could have been my daughter…”

Introducing the app that watches over your daughter when she needs it the most.

Watch Over Me is a personal safety app designed to help look out for your daughter when she needs it the most. The app automatically turns her iPhone into a powerful personal safety device for daily use.

Whether she’s going for a run, walking to her car, walking home, taking a taxi, or meeting someone for the first time, all she has to do is let Watch Over Me know, and it will watch over her via GPS throughout her entire journey.

If she fails to check-in safely at her destination, Watch Over Me will alert her emergency contact list immediately with her location, and you’ll know exactly where she is when she needs help.

Here’s what Watch Over Me does

Live GPS Tracking for Real-Time Safety

If for whatever reason your daughter does not check-in at her destination safely, Watch Over Me immediately sends a notification with her GPS location to her emergency contact list. The Live GPS tracking function also allows her to have somebody follow her exact location and “walk with her” as she is on her journey.

Like a Personal Bodyguard that Alerts You When You Enter "High Crime" Areas*

If your daughter enters an area that has been flagged as dangerous or reported by other users to have high crime activity, Watch Over Me will send her an alert so that she knows to stay vigilant and extra cautious.

Shake, Alert & Record for Panic Situations

When a dangerous situation suddenly arises, a simple shake on the phone triggers an emergency alert immediately and activates her phone's camera to record what's going on.

* High crime alert feature is currently only available in New York City, London, Leeds, Melbourne, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok.

Used by over 150,000 people worldwide

Just saved my life!

Someone tried to take my phone and car keys and I told him my phone is on Watch Over Me mode and would track him and video him. He looked at me like I was crazy then I shook it and got a video of him and told him the police had it now and he ran away :) thank you guys! A country girl in a dangerous city!

Mzloveless, USA
This is a real treasure!

Really nice app, it works as described! ..this is a real rescue especially if you live in big city.

Gina Zela, Google Play Store
Simple idea. Powerful tool.

Have recommended this to my wife and sister in laws.

Premendran Pathmanathan, Play Store

Keeping her safe during vulnerable moments.

Your daughter can be vulnerable during numerous moments as she gets about her day in the city, such as when:

Walking alone

Everyday moments like jogging in the park, walking to the corner store and walking in the car park are small windows of opportunity that criminals can take advantage of because she is alone. Watch Over Me will keep an eye on her during these moments by tracking her journey via GPS until she has checked-in safely at her destination.

Getting public transport at night

Public transport during non-peak hours and late nights can be opportunities for crime because there are less people around. By activating the app’s “Walk with me” function, someone can watch over her “virtually” in real time and she can rest assured that someone knows exactly where she is on her journey.

Taking a taxi

The old trick of having your daughter calling somebody while she’s in a taxi is just not effective, especially if nobody picks up the call to know her whereabouts and where she is heading. Watch Over Me solves the problem by automatically sending a notification with her GPS location to her emergency contact list if she does not check-in at her destination.

Meeting someone for the first time

Whether it’s a blind date or a client meeting, your daughter places trust in a stranger when she meets someone for the first time. With Watch Over Me emergency button at her fingertips, she can immediately alert her emergency contact list if the stranger turns into a danger.

Watch Over Me is simple to use, intuitive and convenient.


Let Watch Over Me know how long you want to be watched for.


Go ahead and do what you want to do.


If you fail to tap “I’m safe.” when time’s up, it sends out an emergency notification to your emergency contact list via email, SMS or push notification.

Watch Over Me is packed with additional features to give your daughter extra protection from danger.

Rest assured that your daughter’s safety is in her hands with these powerful and flexible features:

She can allow her friends and family to "walk with her" virtually when she’s moving about or traveling by sharing her Watch Over Me journey with them.

She’ll be alerted whenever she enters an area flagged as "high crime" so she knows to stay vigilant and be on high alert*.

She can help other women in her city by reporting crimes that happen in her vicinity to Watch Over Me. These crime reports help alert other users when they are dangerous areas of the city.

She can mark areas such as her "Home" or "School/Office" on a map so that Watch Over Me can stop tracking her the moment she enters these safe areas.

She can shake her phone to trigger an emergency alert immediately, which also activates her phone's camera to record what's going on.

* High crime alert feature is currently only available in New York City, London, Leeds, Melbourne, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok.

Give your child the gift of safety. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child is safe right now.